Welcome to Next Generation Security Solutions, LLC, established in 2010. Next Generation Security installs networking surveillance products implemented with the latest technology. Next Generation Security is a nationaly recognized company and distributor providing customers with best value and long term investment. High Definition surveillance systems have become a affordable market to the consumers in the recent years providing safety to small businesses, Labs, and corporate enterprises. Our high definition surveillance systems are complete with industrial strength and functional user friendly recording systems and still keeping competitive pricing for our consumers. We are certain that our customers will pleased with the quality and easy of use of all our systems and at a price that well below all of our competitors. Our customer focus is from the inital contact all the way through the final installation and every step of the way in the process. All future support is supplied by all of our in house technicians, whether on site help is needed of simple over the phone questions. When you work with the pros we understand that time is money and we assist you with all the right tools to keep your system running smooth and effectively. Here at Next Generation Security we believe that you should recieve FREE lifetime technical support on all of our systems. All of our employee's have a passion for what they do and are prepared to install or answer any questions at a moments notice for our customers. Our customers are able to record, review, and monitor their home or business from anywhere or anytime via the internet with no additional monthly fees in full high definition.